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At EVRYBDY STUDIOS, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling to inspire positive change. Our passion is guiding passionate people and brands in bringing meaningful stories to life with premium podcasts that spark conversation, foster community, and create connection. From concept to distribution, we’re with you at every stage of the journey. Join us in shaping a world where stories create lasting impact.

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Robbie Shaw​


Charlotte Cameron​


Chase Friedman​


Parker Williams​

Strategic Advisor

Liz Bruno​

Head of Studio

Cassie Pintal​


Founder Story

When Robbie Shaw, our co-founder and CEO, first envisioned empowering people to lead better lives, he didn’t imagine podcasting would be his platform.
Whether you align with Robbie’s two-decade-long sobriety journey or share his educational endeavor in helping those with addiction, you’ll find a common thread—his goal to be an upstream solution for people’s well-being.
Robbie’s initial ambition was to change and save lives through disseminating credible, impactful information. After toying with ideas like writing books, making documentaries, and public speaking, podcasting emerged as the golden medium. Robbie’s flagship podcast, Champagne Problems, became a life-altering platform for hundreds.

Fast-forward to today, and EVRYBDY Studios has evolved from a personal mission into a powerhouse of meaningful content.

Our team thrives on a simple, yet profound principle: “I want to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself possible.” And we’re here to help you achieve just that. We’ve now channeled our podcasting skills into a business model, in collaboration with individual podcasters and brands, to develop, produce, and distribute high-quality content that inspires connection and community.

From Concept To Creation.

Because we are obsessed with delivering not just podcasts, but meaningful connections. If you have a message that can change lives or a brand that deserves to be heard, we offer you the most authentic, impactful, and human-centered way to do it. When you work with EVRYBDY Studios, you get the whole package:

Know the Team

You’ll have a designated team member as your project manager—always available, always on point.

Know the Space

From soundproofing to top-tier equipment, we’ve curated our spaces for impeccable production quality.

Know the Process

We’re talkers—in a good way. Expect regular update calls and transparent communication every step of the way.

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